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Upgrading is the process of replacing the product with the newer version of the product and is done to bring the system up to the speed and extract best out of it. Based on the need of manufacturing industry and based on the arrival of new technology in the market, newer versions of software's are introduced. When a new version of software is released it may come with lot of other value added features with the intention of increasing the overall efficiency of the software and output.

Why Upgrade?

  • Technology vendors will take off support from their older version software after definite time periods
  • The same is traded off by introduction of higher version of software with modifications as required
  • This might include bug fixes, patches, better compatibility with hardware, or new modules for manufacturing operations altogether.
  • Hence not only from an IT infrastructure point of view, but from a process optimization point of view too it is necessary to keep up with the latest in the market.
  • We at Helium ensure that you not only get the best, but also start using it with almost ensured zero down times, and a migration and upgrade experience second to none in our domain

Why Helium?

  • Ensured zero downtime and no data loss policies
  • Highly optimized extensive proprietary seven step migration procedure with references in Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ), Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) and Advanced Process Control ( APC ).
  • Reduce deployment times powered by treasure trove of upgrade experience through a large number of industry verticals
  • History preservation and establishing a zero error cutover strategy and process
  • No business process revision required
  • Cost saving license and network infrastructure optimization packaged along
  • Eliminate the risk of obsolete technology with our notification policy embedded in our support program
  • Maintain and enhance usability of the newer version with minimal adaptation and version turnaround times

Our Offering

  • Complete system migration with same functionalities and module configurations.
  • Enhancements to existing configurations and addition, configuration, and implementation of new modules if available with upgrade.
  • License optimization studies with version upgrade
  • Complete IT architecture revisit and suggest changes to adopt the newer versions
  • Intensive orientation and training workshops to maximize usability of the newer version
  • Interfacing with other third party systems like DCS, visualization dashboards, etc. with the newer versions