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We are constantly looking for the smartest people in or business to come and work with us. All that we look for is a passion to make a difference in the lives of our customers and your fellow team members through innovation, hard work and application of knowledge. Below are some of the listed open positions. Feel free to send in your CV if you do not see below what interests you. Our HR team can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department: Sales and Marketing

Experience: 3-6 years

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Key skills: Experience of Handling Sales Cycle, Pipeline Building, Proposal Writing, Customer Front Ending, Sales Follow-up

Job Description: You will be part of a young and ambitious growing team of high tech professionals making a difference in the area convergence of Manufacturing/Supply Chain and Software. The team consists of highly talented and extremely passionate people. The role is two-fold. One, to engage with our existing customers and explore how we can together with them understand their needs in business and apply our offerings to collaborate with them. This would include having engaging conversations with customer executives, bringing our technical team into the discussions at the appropriate time and then try to close deals with the customer. Two, work on developing new pipeline with new customer base through use of innovative sales and marketing methods. This would also including qualifying leads in these customer base and then bringing customers with interest in our offerings to a deal stage. You will work initially under the guidance of a seasoned set of sales professionals within the company and yet apply your own innovative techniques to win over customers. Desired Skills and Experience:

  • For the Sales Engineer Role, candidate should have 3 to 6 years of industry exposure, out of which at least 3 years should be in a sales role, preferably selling direct to businesses
  • Ability to plan and manage your work independently
  • Some exposure to buying environments in the manufacturing industry
  • Should be eager to work in the Software space

Department: Services and Consulting

Experience: 4-10 years

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Chemical/Electrical/Petrochemical Engineering

Key skills: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Historian, SPC, Multivariable Models

Job Description: You will be part of a young and ambitious growing team of high tech professionals making a difference in the area of Applied Chemical Engineering through Innovation, Software and New Management techniques. You will be part of a team of individuals who are exceptionally bright and smart engineers and technologists themselves and will need to challenge the existing Paradigm in the Chemical Engineering and Process Data Analytics world. We are hiring multiple positions in these profiles. The associate and consultant need to have similar profiles except the associate needs lesser experience and the consultant needs to have relatively more experience. Exceptionally bright candidates with less experience maybe considered for a consultant role if they display maturity and skills well beyond their age and experience. The role requires the professional to have knowledge and experience of production & process in the plant field and understanding of how processes work and can be optimized in ways that were not possible even recently without the data, mathematical algorithms and integration technical. If the professional has an experience in technical services it would be preferable and an added advantage. You would work closely with world class customers and their team members and be exposed to the finest talents in the Process Engineering and related software world Desired Skills and Experience:

  • For the Consultant Role, candidate should have 7 to 10 years of industry exposure, while for the Associate the same should be 4-6
  • Hands-on operations on an automated control environment in a plant or in technical services of a manufacturing or consulting company is necessary
  • Exposed to production and quality driven industries in the manufacturing industry
  • Should be able to work in teams
  • While no hands-on software knowledge is required, Interest in the field of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), SPC (Statistical Process Control), Plant Data Analysis, Simple Optimization (for example using excel), a Curiosity in this field and immense ability to correlate data!