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Operational Efficiency and Stable Operations

The Power Industry is looking at more and more balancing the portfolio of legacy power generation combined with green sustainable energy investments. We are working towards optimizing both these and helping companies strike balance through reduction of emissions, better green energy equipment design and better data analytics. From traditional coal fired boilers to fuel cells our solutions are touching newer ways to optimize your plants and making your operations more efficient and yet have lesser and lesser CO2 footprint and create clean energy.

Current Scenario

  • With the ever increasing demand of power it is crucial that the power generation plants are maintained at a level of sophistication that is necessary to facilitate, manage and deliver the capacities required.
  • However, an increase in optimum performance cannot be justified by a mere implementation of more sophisticated technology. It requires a more strategic approach which begins right at the business level. The capacity and returns on productivity for example needs to be justified by the amount of fuel that is utilized for the generation of this output.
  • Power plants are probably one of the most complicated processes when it comes to effective management of fuel and inputs as against the power generated and outputs. The increasing stringency on pollution levels is yet another constraint that needs to be mapped into this complex problem model.

Value Adds

  • Optimization scope studies before actual optimization effort
  • Process Stabilization before process optimization
  • Unique software mapping solutions around operations analysis, control dynamics, performance improvement, fuel management systems and emissions control
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Coal-Based Thermal Power Plants, Gas-based Turbines, Power Companies with mixed Production Modes, IPPs ( Independent Power Producers ), CPPs ( Captive Power Producers )
  • Focus on operation while we make the software work for you
  • Help the operator stay informed and make data backed decisions
  • Leverage your process experience to get the best out of perfectly mapped technology
  • Increase the efficiency and reliability of your operations

What can we do?

  • Application of Multivariable Controllers and feasibility studies
  • Heat Rate improvement and fuel consumption feasibility studies with calculated guarantee reports
  • Map potential benefits against return on investment
  • Complex dynamic modelling efforts with operation specific tuning capability
  • Custom Model building for emission control systems
  • PID loop tuning and monitoring software
  • Implementation, design and optimization of Advanced Process Control ( APC )
  • Custom development of Energy Management modules within the Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) framework
  • Optimize your cogeneration system with utility consumption optimization tools