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Partnering with Marquee Names

The Helium atom is one of the most stable atoms in the periodic table, however, combine it with a hydrogen and you create sufficient energy to power the world for billions of years. Read on to find out how we found our Hydrogen's.

Partnership Concept / Scope of Partnership

Helium understands that in today's networked world, one needs to collaborate to deliver the maximum value to design and operating companies. That is why we have, right from the beginning of our foundation, picked and collaborated with some of the finest companies in our space.

Our partnerships are intended to ensure that the services and consulting we deliver can be productively translated to bottom-line results for our customers. Hence our partnerships with other Software and Services companies help us create and deliver a more complete offering to our customers. We are constantly engaging with reputed and value-based companies to find ways and means to augment and complement what we do with our customers.

Primary Partners / Products

We have partnered with some of the most marquee companies in our Domain. With these companies we share multiple levels of relationships.

We are official partners and we implement, design, migrate, upgrade, maintain and sustain softwares around the Plant and Supply Chain for several companies around the world.

One of our closest partners in the Process Industry Space is AspenTech and this relationship provides us access to license and other resources within AspenTech. We are officially authorized to implement, design, migrate, upgrade, maintain and sustain the Aspen One Suite around Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ), Advanced Process Control ( APC ), Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) and Engineering for any AspenTech client. In addition we also provide onsite Training Programs of AspenTech to customers in our region. To know more about AspenTech- visit them at

Typical Work / Business ventures

With one of the best workforces and people officially trained in our partner sofwtares, we can carry out:

  • Application feasibility and solution fit, configuration and implementation of out of the box software, and adding value by process specific customization.
  • Benefits study on implementation of any particular module
  • Development of Custom Applications to support additional requirements.
  • User orientation workshops and focus on Plant/Supply Chain interpretation.
  • Customized Workshops with demo centered around customer plant data.