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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Combining Business Process with Optimization

Nowhere is the maximum quantum of value lost in a manufacturing company as its Supply Chain. Just the sheer size of operations - the Distribution Network, the Plant, the Tankages, Feedstock procurement- means vast incremental possibilities of improvement - be it Demand Planning or Visibility or Production Planning or Distribution scheduling- each can yield non-linear benefits for the company..

However it is important for a company to first analyze and prioritize in a specific order as to where the best areas of improvements lie and then only embark on any improvement programs.


It is important that any supply chain project takes a holistic approach and thus address all elements from early stage Business Process definition and design/redesign right upto complete handover of daily use planning and scheduling systems for the Supply Chain personnel.

Any supply chain project therefore is a blend of business process study, design of a good planning process and then implementation of the right solution to address the challenges posed by that system. The typical benefits of implementing supply chain systems inlcude but are not limited to:

  • Better Feedstocks Processing
  • Lower and Rationalized Inventory Levels
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Visibiity of Materials and Information in the value chain
  • Lower Transportation and Demurrages

While for any company these benefits appear significant, it is the achievement of these benefits through a structured program that is difficult. Many of the largest supply chain programs including large rollouts have not always proven to be a success unless supported by a structured program and visibility of the benefits it will bring in.

Why us?

We have a long history within our team of personnel who have used techniques like LP/NLP, Statistical Modelling, Heuristics algorithms to model and deliver these models to be used in daily operations and strategic decision making and impacting the bottomline. Among other areas we have worked in:

  • Audit of existing Supply Chain Planning Process and Systems
  • Strategies for reducing planning cycle times
  • Integrated Feedstock Procurement, Production and Distribution planning
  • Plan vs Actuals for all areas in the Supply Chain
  • Design and Implementation of Forecasting, Planning and Scheduling Software
  • Optimization of Storage and Transportation

What we can do?

  • It is important for a company to first analyze and prioritize in a specific order as to where the best areas of improvements lie and then only embark on any improvement programs.
  • We typically start with a brief 1-2 week engagement to understand your current pain points and using our unique methodology map out and prioritize requirements. This unique methodology comes from the long experience of our team members in the core functions of Supply Chain in the industries of our choice.
  • Our subsequent engagements with you build on this first key piece. All our assignments have resulted in direct impact on at least one key areas like Inventory, Forecasting, Network and Production Planning and Supply Chain Visibility.
  • Our team members have immense experience in delivering small, medium and large scale projects across the products in the supply chain- be it Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Scheduling and Integration. Many of these project have ranged from 1 month duration to large program rollouts over several years.
  • We have applied these supply chain techniques to various industries- Refining, Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Metals and several other industry. We understand and appreciate the various market and plant dynamics of each of these industries and know how they can impact various parts of the supply chain.