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Real-Time Digital Twin

MbOSS is a proprietary software platform specially designed for process industries. The solution combines ‘deep domain’ knowledge from operations technology and information technology for online real-time analysis. The software offered range from a unique technology approach from digital twin building with IIoT connections to displaying data in informative and interactive views. The solution leverages sophisticated what-if scenarios and existing equipment units to drive improvement in plant operating conditions.


  • Capacity Limitations
  • Energy Integration
  • Difficulties in handling Operational Variabilities
  • Heat and Mass Imbalance
  • Tight Environmental and Product Quality Regulations
  • Maintaining high Equipment Reliability
  • Cost Reductions to remain competitive

Our Offering

Our speciality lies in finding the right cross section between software recommendations and practical engineering concepts to architect solutions for your process to achieve a validated economic justification quicker than ever. We adopt a value-focused approach in implementing a high-speed proprietary IIoT application, integrating and visualizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and automating process analytics directly aimed at maximizing profits.

  • Ready-to-use tool for the Integration of Multiple Technologies
  • Out-of-the-box KPI monitoring of Plant Operations
  • Actionable information quickening decision making and Plant Improvements


  • Optimize Equiment lifespan
  • Optimize Energy use
  • Better product specifications
  • Economics-based decisions with real-time comparisons between design-based and actual performance
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Data Integration
  • Realtime Quality Monitoring
  • Better Control

As part of our continuous mission to achieve operational excellence, a refinery envisaged implementing a real-time process optimization around the SRUs for achieving more efficient energy management, along with more effective compliance to environmental norms. The integrated real-time business process solution MBOSS provides the user with an operation-focused performance management system.

Deputy General Manager, Technology

Fortune 500 Refining Company

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