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Making Operational Excellence a Reality

Chemicals industry has a large spectrum starting right from the Petrochemicals to Polymers, Bulk Chemicals to Specialties, and Research & Development to Nano. It is one of the most diversified industries in the world. While many treat this industry cluster as one, we have a nuanced view of this world of chemicals and have expertise specific to each of these verticals which by themselves are at times billion dollar industries. Yet there are common themes running through many of these industry customers.

The Chemicals Scenario

  • Immensely heterogeneous product range makes it difficult to keep track of so many process and business protocols
  • Extremely capital intensive with energy being one of the primary requirements
  • Unpredictable markets make the supply chain model extremely complex, more so by the presence of a range of products
  • Need for continuous optimization
  • Innovation and Research driven organizations need to constantly keep up with competition through product development
  • A complete array of solutions to stream line both managerial and execution protocols and objectives is what is required
  • Energy and emissions management is a difficult task

Why us?

  • A group of highly skilled experienced team of process engineering background trained in a variety of process optimization software
  • Eliminate confusion by tackling process constraints at plant level and business models at business level
  • A track record of mapping some excessively complex business models into software solutions and customizing by accounting for process constraints
  • Optimize throughput and yield by use of some of the most sophisticated Chemical Engineering and related tools
  • Increased agility by making operations visible and available in the right scope at the right levels of management
  • Reduce specific energy consumption with our expertise in utilities management

What we can do?

  • FEED analysis to pick out the best technology to map and optimize your manufacturing operations and plant requirements
  • Custom modeling capability to exactly map your proprietary processes and unit operations
  • Implementation, maintenance, design, upgrade and migration of various software platforms with special expertise on Advanced Process Control ( APC ), Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) and Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) tools
  • Save investment by converting from a prediction supply chain model to a forecasting supply chain model
  • What if scenario analysis to analyze and validate process infrastructure changes pertaining to innovative Research and Development
  • Mapping product quality to specific raw materials and batch categorization with optimization and triggers for batch change
  • Integrating various disparate data sources into one common centralized data base and then distributing to required levels of administration/ execution in multiple layers of enterprise software
  • Enabling change management through dashboards and KPI monitoring with effective user interface platforms
  • Multivariable control applications with dynamic modeling capability to map operating conditions into software
  • Build your planning and scheduling models with an eye on both process and business.