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Rationalizing of Manufacturing Application

As you make investments in Software Packages and Consulting around them, we help you take a look at the software portfolio and to ensure that they are aligned with your business objectives. Value assessment is the service from our end designed to help you do exactly that. Bring the right perspective from outside and combine it with your strategy inside to create the right software and solution mix for you to pick. Most of the times we will help you answer:

  • Are you in line with the best practices in the world?
  • Are you confused about what, why, which software to buy…… and when?
  • Have you done a plant/supply chain readiness check before making a big software investment?
  • Are you ready for the ever changing regulatory requirement?
  • How are ageing assets impacting your costs?
  • Are you at risk of losing knowledge when people leave?

Our Approach

With a deep understanding of Automation and IT system and a full analysis of your plant's operating condition, our experts will develop a custom Roadmap that will show you how to get where you want to go within a given time period. Bottom Line we help you figure out- be it Software, Hardware, Architecture, Integration or Analytics- any IT initiative that will lead to optimization of your assets.

  • Our Renowned approach for RoMAP Rationalization of Manufacturing Applications Portfolio
  • A new approach to Data Gathering and As-Is Analysis
  • Identifying Gaps, New Solutions & Enhancements Analysis Specific to your Plant
  • Road Mapping for Strategic Software Acquisition


The impact of latency in the system- be it "Data latency" or "Action latency" or "Decision Latency" can impact your business in several ways and result in "value" being lost. Our attempt has been to look at the various IT systems in your Plant / Mines and Business setups so that we can recommend the path forward in a structured manner so that these latencies can be reduced.

The 3 themes of the study will emerge typically in the three following areas:

  • Open Architecture and Standardised Integration
  • Universal Visualization and User Experience
  • Advanced Optimization and Analytics