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The challenges

With a boom in the technology sector, companies are acquiring softwares at an unprecedented pace. As a first step in your journey to implement software, it is extremely important that you understand and document how you are going to get value from the software implementation. This process has to align with the plant objectives and constraints as well as with proper templetization to capture the alignment. Our Process Consulting services are meant to do exactly that and ensure that before implementation, there is due diligence and alignment of goals. Some of the typical challenges it tends to address include:

  • Process constraints levied by the specific process technology make it difficult to align with business objectives, because software vendors are unable to account for process constraints, which has to be done pre software implementation.
  • Process objectives and business objectives cannot be aligned by targeting the software technology only and neglecting manufacturing process altogether.
  • Ineffective mapping leads to misalignment of executioners and managers, thus deviating from true operational excellence.
  • Many Software implementations have failed because no due diligence and templatization process has been followed in the excitement of implementation of new modules.


There is enormous value to be had by ensuring a proper approach of mapping your process needs, your people and the technology you intend to apply. This can be done through a structured process to ensure not onyl there is alignment when your project is delivered but also real value that helps you justify and keep the software investment. Below we list some of the value we will bring through this structured process in our process consulting offering:

  • Leverage your existing investment first
  • Software independent consulting
  • Look at all aspects- strategy, operations, technology and process improvement- an overview of all the critical aspects of operational excellence
  • Our knowledge of Industry, Software and Process helps in distilling out the key areas for focus
  • A road-map and solution feasibility application
  • Defined outlines on what solution could be implemented with the cost vs. value justification and project plans we are looking at
  • Manufacturing Plant or the Supply Chain or Design Engineering- we are able to take a holistic view in the entire value chain and hence impact key areas in the entire organization
  • Conceptualized proprietary training model in the Technology as well as software-specific domain that we see being moved into the Shelf due to non-usage

Our Methodology

We will take a structured approach and bring ready templates to the process. Below we list a typical workflow we may adopt at your company:

  • Discover: Typically business challenges and process challenges and the interconnection between them is analyzed first
  • Plug: The problem model is then tackled, either using software or core domain knowledge and the output is a business process or a software product depending on the nature of the bottleneck
  • Enhance: Using and mapping software solution to the specific business process is the next step to enhance the accountability of the entire value chain. Necessary integrations for inputs and outputs from various supporting business processes are built and the solution is made into one complete package the user can exploit as a whole
  • Sustain: We proliferate the usage of this process through innovative change management strategies so right from the plant execution level to plant management level, your organization receives the necessary scope of information as per the necessary protocol and within the necessary time.