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The maintenance of plant control performance is typically one of the most technically difficult aspects of establishing and sustaining new control technologies. Understanding the process unit's economic goals will help the control engineer choose the right optimisation point to drive the plant controller to meet these goals. Many operators and engineers face difficulties even in running controllers continuously. TRACE helps you broaden your visibility with expert guidelines in order to take appropriate action.


The operation of controllers becomes increasingly challenging as the number of variables or process interactions increase. Operators often switch off controllers when they do not work how they would like them to work. The possible reasons for not being able to run a controller and getting sustainable benefits are:

  • Controllers off
  • Absence of direct and quick visibility into controller issues
  • Lack of expertise, skilled manpower, time, and processes to ensure the upkeep of the controller and its benefits
  • Dynamic changes in plant processes
  • Lack of maintenance

Our Offering

TRACE is a proprietary software that helps the plant manager, engineers, and operators measure controller performance and objectives met. TRACE web viewer provides a browser-based monitoring and reporting interface to the database online, helping not only to find the bad actors but also to fix them with appropriate actionable steps to support control execution.

Some of the advantages of our system includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cloud deployment option with multisite controllers
  • Web-based solution to analyse events anywhere
  • Identify controller performance and compare over time
  • Benefit analysis on-the-fly


Some of the common benefits which can be reaped from the system are:

  • Identification of under-utilised controllers and loss of value as a consequence
  • Troubleshooting actions and identification of bad actors
  • Key metrics on both economic and non-economic variables
  • Ensuring sustainable benefits over time and varying operating conditions
  • Visualising real-time unit profitability
  • Identifying limitations lowering profitability and recommending steps to improve the unit's performance
  • Benefit analysis at your finger tips

Helium's software solution has enabled us to get daily recommendations on our plant’s controllers and led to a significant increase of our controller performances on a daily basis. This is also making our production team more responsive and helping them to operate the plant in the best possible way and pushing it to the optimum. The discussions as a result of the daily process have led to engagement of our plant and technical services.

Head, Technical Services

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