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Redefine your Approach to Modeling

Helium’s flexible business model combined with its expertise in Simulation, engineering services, process design competences and technological strength give clients access to the best state-of-the-art processes. The services and know-how offered by the group range from conceptual studies and technology selection to process simulation engineering and HAZOP studies. Its simulation leverages a network of high-quality what-if scenarios and testing of existing equipment in different conditions, analyzing the results and fine tuning parameters, satisfying the entire spectrum of client requirements.

The challenges Today

  • Validation of process innovation, either at plant or unit level and infrastructure changes through real life implementation is an impossible scenario
  • Lab results and theoretical proof availability but no guarantee on deliverability when the concept transitions into reality
  • Cost calculations associated with the innovation implementation are difficult to map to actual infrastructure changes in addition to being a highly tedious and error-susceptible process
  • Corresponding process changes, although theoretically predicted by extremely cutting edge R&D is difficult to validate without application to real process
  • There is requirement of a virtual environment where real life scenarios or problem models can be represented, where all the changes can be tried out. So we have an idea of the response (good or bad) without disturbing the existing situation.

Why us?

  • Access to deep knowledge of simulation platforms
  • Partnered with some of the best process optimization software technology providers
  • Cross functional team with immense background in process engineering and operations, with specific training around software suites.
  • Finding the right cross section between software recommendations and practical engineering concepts to architect necessary solution for your process
  • Get a validated economic justification quicker than ever

What we can do?

  • Simulation of both brown field as well as green field processes/ unit operations.
  • Testing assumptions during design phase by simulating the actual design and see how it fares from a process productivity and economic viability point of view
  • Several What if Scenarios, to cross check, compare and select the best possible solution scenario for the bottleneck in question
  • Not only validation but optimization of the solution scenario using our software skills and core engineering domain knowledge
  • Deep knowledge of steady state, dynamic and related simulation modeling techniques including custom modeling techniques
  • Testing the same equipment to different conditions, by conceptualizing the process and design using a software platform and subjecting it to required conditions
  • Specific focus on model development and simulation of proprietary processes and unit operations
  • Very sophisticated safety analysis- ranging from plant wide HAZOP studies to unit and valve specific pressure safety studies
  • Dynamic simulation and building control logic into the platform to represent your dynamic time dependent process.
  • Scenario analysis for various control logics by simulating various types of standard disturbances.
  • Heat Exchanger Design and optimization efforts for almost all types of heat transfer processes.
  • Heat Network and energy efficiency Optimization studies by application of pinch analysis.
  • Cost estimation using sophisticated economic analysis tools which drastically reduce your end to end project engineering to commissioning time.
  • Front End Engineering Design and collaborative strategy for EPC’s