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Metals and mining

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Metals and Mining

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Metals and Mining Scenario

The non-ferrous metals and mining industry has some of the most complicated process and highly capital intensive process equipments . Hence the industry is always striving for optimization of their process and equipments. Additionally its close linkage to global economy is forcing the manufacturer to continuously think on newer revenue and profit maximization opportunities.

We have worked with multiple Aluminum, Coal, Zinc and other Non-ferrous metals companies- whether it is in their Production setups, their Supply Chains, their Control systems or their Energy and Emmissions setups- to ensure that they can have the best processes and systems to extract highest return on the assets and supply chain.

This is also an industry that is discovering the Manufacturing Execution Systems ( MES ) and Advanced Process Control ( APC ) systems in a new light and we wish to be there with you when you undertake this journey in Operations Excellence.

Why us?

  • Proven Track Record and industry familiarization
  • Cover the entire value chain of Mining, Metals/Minerals and Power
  • Work in multiple areas including Data Integration, Production Optimization, Operations Visibility and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Reduce Energy Consumption with our proven expertise in energy management systems
  • Reduction in opportunity analysis time
  • Proprietary products for root cause analysis- maintenance, and process
  • Software skill backed by process knowledge and experience which makes us more than just software services company
  • Partnered with the world leaders in these solution areas

What we can do?

  • Full scope Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) Implementations covering your entire value chain from Mining to Metals/Minerals to Power
  • Manage changes in operation structure effectively and increase reliability.
  • Cross-functional team with process and software to take care of process drawbacks as well as technology roadblocks
  • Intensive client engagement strategies, with no restriction on onsite time in some of the harshest conditions
  • Complete capability of developing custom applications as per site requirements
  • Energy usage optimization and other user-specific functions in addition to standard library functions in Manufacturing Execution System ( MES )
  • Emission control and optimization studies
  • Process consulting and technology feasibility studies
  • Full equipment intgerated data model with monitoring and effectiveness analytics workbench