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Industrial Internet of Things IIOT


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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), sometimes known as Industrial IoT, is a key component of Industry 4.0. IIoT-enabled machine-to-machine communication minimises human intervention as much as possible in order to achieve high levels of industrial automation. IIoT also makes better use of the data that industrial machines may have been producing for years by leveraging the capabilities of smart machines and real-time analysis. Many different industries, including chemicals manufacturing, oil and gas, metals & mining and energy utilise IIoT. Its primary goal is to optimise operations, process automation and maintenance. IIoT capabilities boost plant performance and improve data management. It has a wide range of applications in a host of industries.


Manufacturing industries are in critical need of finding solutions to complement existing infrastructure by leveraging the value of their data to the fullest. Enterprises today are serious about digital transformation and the consequent phasing-out of traditional and legacy technologies. The industries of tomorrow need to add intelligent logics between the data end-points in order to achieve true digital transformation. In the near future, IIoT will need to be omnipresent in its adoption in all major communication layers including cloud, manufacturing and enterprise levels.

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IIoT software provides functions for configuring, managing, and monitoring devices used in manufacturing operations. These functions help to optimize resource usage, improve product quality and automate certain routine tasks while generating valuable data across operations. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices are equipped with capabilities to send and receive data from DCS, HMI and SCADA systems or the cloud. These devices also sync with other connected devices using third-party sensors for integrated human-free networks and data channels.


Some of the common benefits which can be reaped from the system are:

  • Increased operational effectiveness
  • Lowered equipment downtime and better efficiency
  • Data-centric storage and interactions
  • Easy integration of multiple applications
  • Increased organizational agility

We use Helium Consulting’s software solution for connecting and transporting our plant data to our corporate dashboarding and data analytics. Helium licenses to our Ethylene and downstream units, the fast, scalable, and reliable IIoT connector technology. The solution connecting our plant data to the corporate dashboards has been functioning seamlessly, securely and with 100% uptime since its deployment and stabilization 2 years ago. Helium’s knowledgeable implementation team ensures that incremental data and any fixes are provided quickly and remotely.

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