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It is very rare that a company offers the opportunity to individuals such that as a team those individuals can deliver significant more than they could have independently. Helium Consulting defines team work in that sense and is creating an environment where smart and energetic team members are working together to create great value for our Customers, innovative products for our Markets while enjoying and having fun in the process

Helium Consulting has an unique hiring process in which existing team members talk to and collaborate to select future team members based on their aptitude, intensity and passion to work in our domain and an excitement to be part of a team with a cause. The cause being - Create Unrivalled Value for everyone in our ecosystem.

So if you are looking for a place to learn and apply your skills, are excited to work in a dynamic environment, love software and manufacturing equally, then chances are we are looking for you! Please read the other sections on open positions, to hear from our existing team members and to know about our out-of-office culture!