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AI/ML Analytics

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AI/ML Analytics

Best In Class Visualization and Inferences

More than ever, today's plants and supply chains are generating more and more data. "Big Data" is a term which is used to reference many of these data and a key initiative of many companies today is to create better insights into the plants and supply chains of today through analysis of this "Big Data". Our most recent offering focusses on techniques that use existing software and some layered software offerings and help you use the enormous data you are generating to infer better decisions from them. We combine deep industry and technology knowledge with software capabilities to bring together our most premium offering to you.

Present Scenario

  • Enormous amounts of data now available in real time and in storage for analysis.
  • This data standalone is not very useful. However combined with deep process and industry knowledge it can help companies infer superior decisions.
  • These decisions apply to every aspect of your operation- be it the Plant, your Inventories or your Supply Chains
  • While there are technologies and software available in abundance, most do not have any industry focus on the Process industries like Refining, Chemicals, Power, Metals and Mining and Pharma/Regulated Industry.
  • As a result, more and more technologies have proliferated the manufacturing plant. However such proliferation has not necessarily benefited the manufacturing setup in achieving the business goals that they were meant for.

Why us?

We have used our industry expertise in the Plant and Supply Chain in multiple Process Industries to impact key areas of improvement inside the plant. These have been metrics that directly impact a Manufacturing Company's KRAs (Key Result Areas). Our consultants have spent long times in the plant working on projects that can directly influence through better Analytics the following KRA's:

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency and Capacity Utilization
  • Quality and Emissions
  • Cycle Times in your Supply Chain and the Plant
  • Yields and First Quality Production
  • Storage and Tanks Farms

What we do?

Most of this has been achieved by collaboratively discussing with customers combined with our knowledge of Industry, Domain and Software. We have the right blend of understanding gin Mathematical Techniques, Process Knowledge and Industry exposure to know which are the areas we can help you with. And which are the areas that will help you yield the maximum benefit. Several times, these have meant our involvement in conducting FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies. Thus making your plant more ready and agile to be able to respond to the challenges of the supply chain outside and give you a serious competitive edge. And we will not leave after making our recommendations. We will stay and ensure that we implement the systems that we recommend so that we are collaboratively on this journey together. To get started immediately, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a call with our experts on how we can take the first step with you.