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AI/ML Analytics

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AI/ML Analytics

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More than ever, today's plants and supply chains are generating more and more data. AI/ML analytics is changing the way businesses use data, allowing them to get deeper insights, automate processes, and drive innovation and competition in today's data-driven world.

We combine deep industry and technology knowledge with software capabilities to bring our most premium offering to you. Our latest offerings leveraging our knowledge of Artificial Intelligence software and Machine learning algorithms help us fine tune our solutions to our customers to deliver maximum benefits.

Present Scenario

Enormous amounts of data now available in real time and in storage for analysis. This data standalone is not very useful. However, combined with deep process and industry knowledge it can help companies make superlative decisions. These decisions apply to every aspect of your operations - be it the plant, your inventories or your supply chains. While there are various technologies and software available in abundance, most do not have any industry focus on the process industries like refining, chemicals, power, metals & mining and the pharma/regulated industry. As a result, many technologies have flooded the manufacturing sector while not necessarily benefitting the manufacturing setup in achieving the business goals that they were meant for.

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms can evaluate massive amounts of data generated during the manufacturing process, such as sensor data, production metrics, and historical records.
  • The production process can be optimised in a number of ways with the help of these algorithms, including cycle durations, waste reduction, resource allocation, and overall operational effectiveness.
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning-based quality control systems assure consistent product quality, eliminate rework and scrap, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Industries can use AI/ML analytics to predict equipment wear and tear or impending breakdowns, which allows them to schedule maintenance tasks in advance, reduce unscheduled downtime, and maximise equipment utilisation.
  • Industries can optimise the supply chain, prevent stockouts, lower the expenses associated with holding too much inventory, increase order fulfilment rates, and more.
  • AI/ML analytics assist in the implementation of energy-efficient practises in order to decrease costs, minimise environmental effect, and satisfy sustainability goals through the optimisation of energy usage.
  • AI/ML algorithms can deliver data-driven insights and suggestions to help businesses make better decisions, optimise resources, and achieve better business outcomes.

Why us?

We believe AI/ML has the ability to improve efficiency, decision-making, and customer experiences in a wide range of industries. The specific uses within each business may differ due to the industry's distinct requirements and challenges. Industries that use AI/ML algorithms get a competitive advantage by employing innovative methodologies to obtain insights, develop, and adjust swiftly to market changes.

We have used our industry expertise in supply chains in multiple process industries to bring impact to key result areas (KRAs) of the plant. Our consultants have spent a lot of time in various plants working on projects that to positively and directly impact the following KRAs through better analytics:

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency and Capacity Utilization
  • Quality and Emissions
  • Cycle Times in your Supply Chain and the Plant
  • Yields and First Quality Production
  • Storage and Tanks Farms
  • Energy Consumption

What we do?

Overall, AI/ML algorithms are critical for industries to utilise the power of data, automate processes, make accurate predictions, improve consumer experiences, optimise operations, manage risks, and drive innovation. They assist industries in remaining competitive in an increasingly data-driven and technologically advanced corporate context. We assist our customers in gaining a better understanding of their data, optimising processes, and making smarter decisions that lead to cost savings.

The majority of this has been accomplished through collaborative discussions with customers, as well as our expertise of the industry, domain, and software. We have the perfect combination of mathematical techniques, process knowledge, and industry experience to isolate and implement solutions in areas of high potential for benefits through AI/ML Analytics, making your plant more ready and agile to be able to respond to the challenges of the supply chain outside and give you a serious competitive edge. To get started immediately, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a call with our experts on how we can take the first step with you.