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The Best Practices combined with the Best Sofwtare

Implementation Objectives

We recognize that each software solution within a plant requires a different and unique way to implement. And this realization has made us apply our generic implementation methodology to very specific case of Advanced Process Control ( APC ), Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ), Simulation, Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) and Analytics softwares with the right changes. Over our experience we have evolved very specific implementation expertise that is uniquely available with us. This involves the entire stage from design to testing and involves:

  • To implement and enhance your software investment
  • Enable the software tools to complement your process and business
  • Provide value by a compelling solution architecture
  • A value based new perspective to the entire implementation methodology
  • Collaboration to achieve objectives and Goals
  • Avoidance of typical pitfalls in each of the solution areas

Our Methodology

    Implementation across all of our domains is something we are extremely proficient at:

  • Proof of concept studies for implementation feasibility studies
  • Intensive requirements analysis studies to zero down on the process specific implementation points.
  • Our Expertise leads to very aggressive but reasonable project time lines complete with Go Live! Support and hyper care arrangements if needed.
  • Some of the best Solution architects and consultants in the softwares we implement are part of our team and they come with highly specific and relevant background in software and trained in the most sophisticated process optimization platforms
  • Take full advantage of our in house experience, with minimal intervention required from clients to ease your project loading
  • Partnered with some of the world leaders in our domains, our implementation policy is as cutting edge as their products

Value Additions

  • Our prime goal in the entire implementation cycle will be driven towards the criteria’s through which the project can be dealt as a success.
  • We as a team understand your needs and drive the implementation project towards those goals
  • We make the entire spectrum of users are satisfied and it is not perceived as either and Engineering or an IT solution
  • The reduction in total investment due to better architecture/design at early stage
  • Smooth transition of old solution to new without affecting process/business
  • Customized solutions to improvise the functionality in case software cannot meet functionality
  • On-demand talent to manage each of the scenario
  • Making the operational people focus on the operational issues and not take their attention away to software, programming or development activities.