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Advanced Process Control (APC)

Advanced Process Control: Optimization and beyond

Advanced Process Control (APC)

Implementation of Advanced Process Control (APC) to unlock significant benefits

What is Advanced Process Control (APC)?

Advanced process control, commonly referred as multivariable predictive control (MPC) or model predictive control, includes model based predictive software that improves process operations. Industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, metals and mining and power generation typically require near-real-time process controls. In fact, some processes are so vulnerable to disruptions that APC's autonomous and predictive capabilities are crucial. Advanced process control systems, or APCs, are frequently utilised as an optimising engine to boost profits for a variety of operating variables. The features of advanced control methods include process modelling and parameter identification, process model-based behaviour prediction, and performance criterion evaluation with respect to process constraints. Adaptive control, multivariable control, model predictive control, fuzzy control, robust control, optimal control, and neural network-based control are examples of advanced control approaches. Advanced control is a high level control technique that interacts with unit control loops such as PID controllers which in-turn are controlled by lower level subprocesses.

Advanced process control operations can optimise the process, capture significant improvements in throughput, yield, recovery, and also bring about energy savings. We provide end to end solutions from consulting to implementation, revamp, and support for advanced process control systems for various industries. Our solutions enable manufacturing companies to improve and optimize process operations to achieve operational excellence. The typical advanced process control benefits you can get from our solution and services offerings are:

  • We can drill down from an overall plant and process optimization level right down to unit level and implement unit specific Advanced Process Control (APC) for arguably any unit available in the industry.
  • Enhancing the system in improving operating efficiency through cutting edge tools of Advanced Process Control (APC).
  • Experience in working on solutions to push constraints towards throughput improvement and better performance.
  • Focus on improving operations and fine-tuning operating variables by reducing process variance to the max.
  • Along with process automation and monitoring using Advanced Process Control (APC), we identify opportunities to improve with proper project justification to demonstrate payback.

The challenges today

  • Too many constraints to address simultaneously without affecting the others in real-time
  • Process variability
  • Frequent feedstock/product grade changes with complex operations
  • Heavy process workloads limiting the time available for control operator action
  • Operating the plant at its comfort zone instead of optimization zone
  • In-depth knowledge and experience required to tackle everyday operation constraints
  • Not operating the plant at its true economic zone

Why us?

  • We are proficient in implementing Advanced Process Control (APC) as an end-to-end solution
  • We bring along a rich portfolio of people, experienced in various industries like Petrochemical, Refineries, Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Metals and Mining and Power
  • Intensive client engagement policies involving site resident engineers makes us one of the most comfortable and economical choices for your advance process controllers
  • Multiple controller technology expertise
  • Experience with integration of multiple DCS platforms
  • Remote implementation programs
  • Agile Project Methodology

What can we do?

Helium Consulting has a well assembled Advanced Process Control (APC) team which is expert in helping customers with state-of-the-art solutions in Advanced Process Control (APC) ranging from implementation, consulting, support to workforce training.

Helium Consulting identifies areas in the plant where increase in profitability while reaching production targets can be focused on. Amidst the need for rapid agility to adapt to changing market demands, Helium Consulting’s Advanced Process Control implementations allow the customer to continue experiencing the benefits as the organization grows.

  • End to end solutions and services for Advanced Process Control (APC)
  • Deployment of the newest technology in the field of Advanced Process Control (APC)
  • Fast Advanced Process Control (APC) implementation
  • Provide the best possible ROI
  • Early realisation of benefit