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Value of Engagements

Value Based Delivery

Why do anything unless it's going to be great? Read along to find out what extra we give our clients along with the promised on-paper deliverables. We measure the Value of our Engagement through our custom methodology called "Helium VoE". As you invest in us, we will ensure that you are numerically able to see the value of engaging with us. Of course this Value will come from the three primary value areas we intend to deliver on.

Software Investment

You have invested huge amounts of money into buying software licenses. Now get the most out of your Software Investment in the plant

  • Treating process as the center stage item and arranging the software solutions and verticals around them as our primary offering and not the other way around.
  • Leveraging Existing process and IT investments and increasing value added returns.
  • Architecting a perfect, calculated technology roadmap for future projects and enhancements.
  • Accurate selection and shortlisting of software solutions for existing and future requirements.

Focus on your Challenges

Free up your team's time to focus on your own technical, production and design Challenges. Not software problems. Leave that for us.

  • Day to day support activities, encouraging clients to focus on their primary domain of manufacturing rather than figuring out software features.
  • Avoiding unnecessary investments and utilizing process expertise to tackle problems at the operations level .
  • A perfect mapping of the software solutions to process and business requirements with client intensive onsite feasibility studies and much lesser investment.

Insider Knowledge

Get an Outsider Perspective with Insider Knowledge:

  • Increasing usability and awareness of the capabilities of various software solutions by creating customized user centric and process specific workshops for each product used.
  • Aligning business and process objectives and maintaining a steady pace towards operational excellence goals.
  • Correlate the applicability of various software solutions, integrate the results and present a single true version of the data for analysis as well as decision making.