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Crude problems. Refined Solutions.


Optimizing the Refining Value Chain

A modern refinery is like a confluence of old school chemical engineering combined with the most cutting edge software that you could imagine. You skip one and the value from software implementations disappear. That's where we come in with a solid mix of chemical engineering talent and modern cutting edge software connecting the two with ease and finesse difficult to find in the market. Our focus is on improving refinery margins with production optimization and energy & emission management. Implementation of cutting edge technology like Advanced Process Control (APC) in refineries can maximize operational performance and profitability.

The Refining Scenario

Refineries are rediscovering a new set of Softwares to yield operations excellence. From an operations point of view it is a perfect blend of a variety of engineering domains, creating the most complex and the most respected interdisciplinary example in today's manufacturing world. As better refinery margins and more complex refinery setups drive refiners to search for the perfect software solution map in real time execution of planned board room tactics, we play a key role in ensuring that you can leverage our sustainable offerings of bringing the right mix of software knowledge and generic refining knowledge.

An optimized refinery is the product of some high quality process domain expertise and cutting edge technology to ensure maximized returns on investment, productivity and smooth operations. However, maintaining this balance is a tough task and with such a complex process to deal with, it becomes necessary to manage the technology on a different level altogether and that is where Helium comes in.

Why us?

  • Helium incorporates in its engagement methodology, a team which has core refinery experience along with sophisticated trainings in software platforms commonly used here.
  • Manage the technology on a day to day basis.
  • Focus more on taking decisions to optimize performance, relaxing the process constraints, analyzing the various graphs and reports that are generated on an hourly, shift wise or day basis.
  • Align your analysis efforts with the maximum and optimum usage of these software platforms which ultimately transcends towards an operational excellence vision.
  • Ensure a perfect blend of outputs from integrated solutions to smoothen the decision making process
  • Don't worry about troubleshooting software
  • Change management specific dashboards as per client organization structure

What we can do?

  • Due diligence studies for complete As-is scenario analysis of process and technology.
  • Implementation of optimization solutions and software, coming right from the best vendor in this space
  • Expertise in all Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) and Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) solutions including Distribution, Planning, Scheduling, Tank Management and Yield Accounting Systems
  • Data Reconciliation combined with ERP integration and Plan Vs Actuals
  • Build, commission and maintain models- both offline and online including Advanced Process Control ( APC ) and Process Simulation
  • Multivariable Controller benefit assessment studies
  • PID loops monitoring solutions expertise and applicability studies
  • Integrate your planning and scheduling solutions and bridge the gap between As-is and To-be.
  • Integration of software from various vendors and presentation of a single version of the truth.
  • Implement, design, maintain, integrate, and customize existing applications as per process requirements
  • Upgrade, Train and proliferate your software to the latest versions and give users the power to optimize your operations.