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Project Management

Industry Specific Project Practices

Project Concerns

The primary challenge for any project management will be to drive the project to a status where it will be called as on-time and in-budget. In our domain, the additional complexity is introduced by the unique nature of each solution - Advanced Process Control ( APC ), Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ), Supply Chain Management ( SCM ), Simulation, Analytics or Integration and also at which stage of the lifecycle the product is. The challenges are very unique to particular set of deliverables and areas where it is deployed. The concerns for the project management can be grouped/categorized based on it's:

  • Achieving Milestones in Time
  • Objectives while honouring the constraints of use and deployment
  • Optimize and allocate the inputs/resources
  • Delivering higher value with less usage of resources
  • Integration of various fields together
  • Surprise Elements which may erupt at the end leading to rework

Helium Expertise

  • We at Helium Consulting have a well-defined methodology framed out of the prolonged Industrial and services sector domain expertise. Our Project management is a structured process that includes the following to make your project a success and to overcome the concerns regarding Project Management
  • Management of Risks by identifying them in time and tracking
  • Well established framework for communication
  • Issue identification, resolution and tracking
  • Proper Escalation Mechanism
  • Managing quality at its maximum
  • Based on the criteria’s we have come up with our own process and tools inside the “Helium 7-Step Process” with respect to Project Management and delivery

Why Us?

    We believe the Project management will become a one of the major success criteria in the highly technical domain we are in. With a proper team in place to handle both technical as well project management perspective, we at Helium train our resources to envisage their maximum potential drive towards customer satisfaction. Our key differentiators include

  • A custom 7-stage Project Management methodology developed for our domain
  • Strong technical and project management skills
  • Assimilation to new technology/issues specific to the technology area
  • Dedicated project management team to achieve timelines