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Case Studies

Learning to Apply

In a very short period of time, we have accomplished and made it work on many new frontiers while challenging older paradigms. Helium boasts of an excellent track record of achievements in its chosen area of work. You can see below solution wise, industry vertical wise, or application wise case studies and download whichever you think is most appropriate for you. If you are willing to collaborate or choose to award us any work, please have a look these case studies and the results and additional value you can also reap as a part of our deliverables. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details on any of these.

Process Consulting and FEED case studies

Early stage engagement- see how core manufacturing companies were able to harness our process experience and familiarity with software solutions to plan path forward:

  • Workshop on MES & APC Best Practices for a leading PetroChemical Giant
  • Manufacturing Process Study for MES Benefit Areas
  • Supply Chain Software Business Process Mapping in Petrochemicals
  • Supply Chain Roadmapping in Refinery and Transportation
  • MES Solution Roadmapping and Application Feasibility for a Multi-site Chemical Industry
  • Plant IT Value Chain Study across Mining Metals and Power Conglomerate
  • Process Engineering Study for Column Design for Better Yields of High Value Products
  • Controller Tuning Study and Benefits of Implementation
  • Inferential Based Quality Prediction Pilot and Benefits for Large Chemicals
  • Software Tool selection in Coal Gasification
  • Statistical Process Control Concept Workshop and Application Pilot for six-Sigma Initiative

Implementation Case Studies

The following case studies focus on Prototyping, Solution Design, Software Implementation and Functionality Enhancement. See how companies which invested in software utilized our expertise to design, implement and enhance the usability of purchased solutions and justified a good value return on their investment

  • Refinery Unit Full Cycle APC Implementation and Benefits Assesment
  • Global Implementation and Rollout of MES systems for a Fortune 1000 Specialty Chemicals Company
  • aspenONE SCM module Implementation (Collaborative Demand and Supply) for Large Petrochemicals
  • Aspen Petroleum Scheduler (ORION) Modelling Enhancements and Reports
  • Successful Completion of Adaptive APC Modelling for an Oil & Gas Giant
  • Successful Implementation of Batch Data Management and Tracking for Polymer Giant
  • Supply Chain Software Implementation for Petrochemical Facility
  • DCS Integration with L3 software in a large Chemicals Facility
  • aspenONE MES / APC Workshop and Solution Health Check
  • Integrated MES and Mobile Solution Implementation in an Aluminum Plant
  • Fuel Cell Simulation and Design
  • Aspen Petroleum Scheduler (ORION) Modelling Enhancements and Reports
  • MES systems for a Batch Regulated Industry
  • Tank Management System Implementation for a Refinery
  • Refinery APC Implementation Through Resident Engineer Engagement
  • APC Pilot for a Power Plant

Training, Upgrades and Support

Find out how to make your complex upgrade process a simple one and take advantage of our domain specific software support process to ensure that your systems- be it MES online systems, User tools, APC controllers, simulation models, supply chain planning models, Integrated plant information systems - all are taking advantage of the best technology and not falling back. And that too at a very cost effective mode- both remote and at site. Also understand how you can use our industry relevant training to use the Software to its full potential

  • 24/7 Support Centre for an AspenTech MES/APC application for one of the largest users of IP.21 and DMCplus
  • Upgrade of MES and APC systems across the globe for a Fortune 100 Chemicals company
  • Training & Workshop on Statistical Process Control
  • MES Systems upgrade across USA and Europe for a Regulatory Company
  • Successful Upgrade of AspenTech Historian for a leader in Fibre Industry
  • Interfaces upgrade with redundancy and L1 integration for a Large Historian System
  • MES Systems Upgrade Integrated with LIMS and related operations portal
  • Infoplus.21 (IP21) Based MES system Data Redundancy Enablement and Health Check