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Root Cause Analysis

Nip it in the bud

Root Cause Analysis Tracker

Realtime RCA- a Paradigm Shift

In the manufacturing industry- we come across significant losses that occur due to downtime of equipments. The primary focus during such incidents is to somehow get the setup to a running condition and not worry about to address the root cause. More importantly, in this enthusiasm of get it up and running, there is hardly any repository of information or data that helps gather, store and analyze the root causes of these problems that lead to downtime. Such a situation demands automation of data and reducing the difficulty of analyzing this information.

Challenges In RCA

Are you in line with the best practices of Root Cause Analysis- also called as RCA? Have you moved away from an Ad-Hoc system of data interpretation for Root Cause? Are you in real-time able to capture and report:

  • Production Based RCA
  • Process Based RCA
  • Failure Based RCA
  • Equipment Based RCA

Our Offering

Our offering will start with collaboration on assessment of your current setup. We will discuss with your plant personnel and try to understand how we can bring benefits to your manufacturing setup through implementation of RCA. If any foundation systems are required for RCA, we will also recommend the same to you and implement them for you. Once the RCA is implemented you will be abel to reap the benefits of capturing and reporting on multiple RCA listings and improve on your operations. Some of the advantages you will have with our system includes, but is not limited to:

  • Integrated solution with multiple Plant Historian Systems
  • Web base solution to analyses events anywhere
  • Monitor asset or equipment efficiency through a real time dashboard


Some of the common benefits which can be reaped out of the system are:

  • Capture all process events on daily basis
  • Histories of all production / equipment process events in Historian.
  • View all events for selected intervals
  • Alerts for equipment or process failure
  • Update process events and current status
  • Completely customizable solutions based on the needs and flexibility
  • Can be integrated to any available data source in Bi-directional mode