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Advanced Process Control (APC)

Advanced Process Control: Optimization and beyond

Advanced Process Control ( APC )

Implementation of Advanced Process Control ( APC ) to Increase Profits

Optimization is defined as a compromise between conflicting constraints. Plant operations come with a variety of constraints from a process, operation or sometimes even a technology point of view.

Perfect optimization has to be a blend of process knowledge combined with use of advanced technological platforms. It is important whether for PID Control or Advanced Predictive Multivariable Control, all strategies are based on a solid understanding of the plant and its limitations.

The challenges today

  • Process operators and Control engineers have to bear maximum working load, and address constraints in real time.
  • In order to maintain effective production metrics like throughput, energy, emissions and quality, they have to make sure that these constraints are addressed and satisfied at all times.
  • Plant operations come with multiple constraints and one cannot be addressed without affecting the other.
  • With experience, this interdependance of constraints, although known to many plant operators, is difficult to address in a limited amount of time.
  • As a result of this and human limitation, operators are forced to operate plants within a comfort zone. The comfort zone might not always be the optimum operation zone.
  • There is a requirement for a tool which assists the operators in tackling everyday operation constraints by suggesting the appropriate feedback actions which the plant personnel can then use along with their experience to tackle any disturbances, and make plant operation the rewarding experience it is supposed to be.
  • Stabilization and then capitalizing on that stabilization to further push the extent of plant optimization is the concept of Advanced Process Control ( APC ).

Why us?

  • Attacking the basics is our forte and we are proficient in implementing Advanced Process Control ( APC ) as an end to end solution right from PID loop tuning and monitoring to building sophisticated layered tools of Advanced Process Control ( APC ) like MAPC etc.
  • We bring along a rich portfolio of people, experienced in various domains like Petrochem, Refineries, Metals and Mining and Power that are trained in cutting edge software technology which makes process specific Advanced Process Control ( APC ) model building and validation the least of your concerns
  • Intensive client engagement policies involving Site Resident Engineers makes us one of the most comfortable and economical choices
  • Multiple controller technology expertise
  • Experience with integration of multiple DCS platforms

What can we do?

Helium has a well assembled Advanced Process Control ( APC ) team which is expert in helping the customers with the state of the art solutions in Advanced Process Control ( APC ) ranging from Implementation, consulting, support to training the workforce.

Helium identifies the areas in a plant to increase the profitability and reaching the production targets amidst the rapid agility to adapt to changing market demands and allows the customer to continue experiencing the benefits as the organization grows.

Our Advanced Process Control ( APC ) solutions help in benefiting the customers in,

  • We can drill down from an overall plant and process optimization level right down to unit level and implement unit specific Advanced Process Control ( APC ) for arguably any unit available in the industry.
  • Enhancing the system in improving the operating efficiency through cutting edge tools of Advanced Process Control ( APC ).
  • Continual working on solutions to push the constraints towards the throughput improvement and better performance.
  • Focus on improving the operations and fine-tuning the operating variables by reducing the process variance to the max.
  • Along with the process automation and monitoring using Advanced Process Control ( APC ), adaptive tuning, aspen watch, PID watch, we identify the opportunities to improve with a proper project justification to demonstrate the payback.